About us


In a short period of time more than 90 volenteers have joined to help us in the activities of our organisation. They are all young people from Medjugorje and Brotnjo who unselfishly desire to give of their free time to their brothers and sisters , people who are in need. All of our members meet regularly for their prayer meetings, strategy meetings and are very active in the work of the organisation.

When was the organisation founded?

The organisation, Mary’s hands, was founded in July of 2016 in Medjugorje with the aim of helping the poor and all people who are in need.Before the foundation of the organisation we had worked for 3 years in the parish of Medjugorje under the name of „Office for people in need.“We were inspired to do good and to help the needy by the words of The Queen of Peace who said: “Also today, I invite you to be love where there is hatred, and food where there is hunger. Open your hearts little children and let your hands be extended and generous so that, through you, every creature may thank  God, the Creator“.
(Our Lady’s message from September 25,2004)

In which way can you participate?

We desire to thank all who have become part of our projects and have hepled us to do good, to bring hope, to spread love and peace. We are happy beacause
thanks to your help, we can be Mary’s hands. If you desire to participate in any way with helping  us in our work, as a volonteer or as a supporter,  you can contact us.

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