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In which way can you participate?

We desire to thank all who have become part of our projects and have hepled us to do good, to bring hope, to spread love and peace. We are happy beacause thanks to your help, we can be Mary’s hands. If you desire to participate in any way with helping  us in our work, as a volonteer or as a supporter, you can contact us via e-mail info@marijine-ruke.ba . You can also help through donations.

In our office you can buy rosaries produced by volunteers of our association. Rosaries in white and blue with the medal of the association. By buying a rosary, you are helping the work of the humanitarian organization Mary’s Hands.

“Also today, I invite you to be  love where there is hatred, and food where
there is hunger. Open your hearts,  little children and let your hands be
extended and generous so that,  through you, every creature may  thank God, the Creator“.

Reading Our Lady’s messages and what She is asking of us, we decided to answer Her call and be Her extended hands. We understod that every person was  invited to do good and make this world a better place and more beautiful.We do not need to do big deeds but small deeds with great love. So far we have refurbished many houses, tended many gardens. We also go to visit people in old people’s homes and hospitals. We help families with numerous children,  pay utilities bills for those who cannot afford to, we buy medications for people who do not have any income.  Evey month more than 500 people come to us to receive food.

Find us in these ways:


Marijine ruke
Bosna i Hercegovina
Gospin trg 1
88266, Međugorje

Telephone: + 387 36 653 307

e-mail: info@marijine-ruke.ba

Web site: www.marijine-ruke.ba